A Brief Intro, and the Making of “Spacey Branding”

Heey all!

First off, you earn like ten brownie points for even coming here to support me and check on what I’m up to. You are beautiful and I bet you have great hair.

I won’t spend too much time on an intro here, as little snippets of me are all over my page if you want to keep exploring.

So liiike, my name is The Samarah Poe and I’m an Entertainer out of the DMV. I’m currently studying Mass Media Communications in Ohio, and my goal is to spread a message of positivity, self-love, fun, and expression through art, while also being an advocate for many social issues.

Today, I want to bring you all a short guide on how I created the short video clip “Spacey Branding” for my website. Now, it’s unfortunate that I’m currently a broke college student, therefore I have not the money to pay for a premium plan to embed videos into my site just yet. Ahh… money. Must be nice.

Anyways, *ahem* – check out the video right here so you know what I’m talking about!

Y’all ready? Okay, leggo.





So these smexy, glittery alien-girl photos come from a fun shoot I did with Rich Rocket Media (@iamrichrocket) and Real Shots Photography (@realshotsphotography) back in December when Mr. Rocket was shooting for his project #THE31LOOKS.

I’ve been playing around in the Adobe Creative Cloud a lot as of late, just experimenting. Honestly, I’m still gaining my own skillset in this editing/ visual media world, so these are just random applications of knowledge, guessing, lots of trial and error, and extensive YouTube studying – not necessarily the most “professional” way to get things done. But aye, do what you gotta do, lol.

For this project I used both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. You can edit video in Photoshop as well, but I know the Premiere platform the best.

Concerning the edit details of the two photos, I have various apps I use for editing depending on what kind of look I want, but for now we will start and focus on the photos in their finalized form.

photoshop blue gal guide.png

Import your image into Adobe Photoshop. Originally as you can see, the photos before had blackened backgrounds. We want to remove the black background in the image, making it transparent, so that we can overlay the photo over special fx videos to create a “moving background”.

Select the the Quick Selection Tool, which is what my mouse is hovering over. This tool will cut away at the black background, but watch your lines carefully because you don’t want to cut the subjects arm or head off by accident. See what I mean?

Screenshot (2).png

Once your background is successfully cut away, simply save the image into a folder as a .psd file, and prepare to import it into Adobe Premiere, or, directly export into Premiere which will all be options under the “File” tab. Repeat this step for all pictures.

Screenshot (3).png

So now, here we are in Premiere Pro. I need to get better with naming and organizing my files, but it’s all a learning process ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I downloaded a few free stock files like the “sparkles.mov” video you see above, or the “Colorful Nebula” stock photo I downloaded right from Adobe’s cloud of images (useful, but can get extremely pricey, so I like to shop around the deep web for stock too).

Begin by importing your files into your library which appears on the left of the Premiere workspace.

When you edit videos, the clip that is closer to the top will be the clip that is visible. You can layer your clips a plethora of ways in order to achieve certain styles, so play around with it in this next step.

Layer your clips so that they fill up the video sequence timelines starting with “V1”. This “V1” sequence will essentially be the base clip of the entire project. As you see below, there is a difference in the composition of the video when I swapped the clips in V1 and V3.

For the rest of the video clips and photos, it’s important to note that when you stack the clips on top of each other, nothing will remain visible besides the very top clip. You do not want them to be 100% opaque.

Screenshot (6).png

Double-click on a clip, and a preview of the clip should pop up in a window within your workspace. Click the tiny arrows in the upper right corner of the Effects workspace, and select “Effect Controls”. An editing menu should now pop up, specifically for the clip you selected. You may want to play around with the scale of the photo or video which will make it bigger or smaller (but beware of blur). In the menu, you should scroll down until you find the Opacity adjustment bar, and adjust the opacity to your liking.

You can mess with the colors on the clips using “Lumetri Scope”, and there’s so much other potential and hidden gems within these programs that sometimes you just have to experiment (or read the manual) to find out!

For my music I love reaching out to up and coming artists so that we both benefit – I receive great music to use, and their music is featured on the videos and projects I create! For this video I used a brief clip (cut using Premiere) of the song “Moon” by Trey Poe Productions (@treypoeproductions), an up and coming lyricist and audio engineer out of the DMV. Check him out here: https://soundcloud.com/treypoeproductions .

Make sure you adjust your audio levels in your audio clips so that they don’t “peak” which basically means so they don’t go overboard into the “red” territory and start to distort your sound (these are the sequences labeled A1 or A2 for example).

I added my own The Samarah Poe transparent logo into the mix, and added some text titles in there too just to effectively brand myself.

After all is said and done, make sure you google which video format you need to export and save your premiere video into to be the best fit for whatever platform you choose like YouTube vs Instagram.

Screenshot (7).png

Once this is done, click File > Export > Media and ensure all of your export options are where you need them to be. I circled key points that I make sure I check every single time because I’ve made the mistake of forgetting a step, and having to re-export it which is honestly just annoying and a waste of time.

Export that baby, and you’re all done, kid. Give yourself a pat on the back, take a deep breath, drink some water, and enjoy the art you’ve just created.

Here’s the video one last time:

I truly hope that this mini-tutorial helped, and I hope you all continue to check in and see what ya girl is up to :P.

Any questions, just hit me up!

Remember to Love Yoself.

– Marah.


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