J U N E T E E N T H: Freedom?

“Blacks have had to learn to protect themselves by being cynical but not cynical enough to slam the door on potential opportunities. We go through life walking a tightrope to prevent too much disillusionment.”

– Jackie Robinson

First of all, Happy Juneteenth to all of my amazing supporters and Juneteenth celebrators. Let me start off by asking you this… When is the last time you celebrated Juneteenth? Do you know what Juneteenth is? Why is it that for many people, this is their first time hearing about the holiday?

Well, for starters, although this, ya know, kind of monumental day was created June 19th, 1865 in commemoration of the abolishing of slavery by the Emancipation Proclamation… 150+ years later and this holiday still isn’t federally recognized. Funny..

I, personally, prefer the celebration of Juneteenth versus the Fourth of July, where those who looked like me were still not free although fireworks flew high for those who were paler in complexion. We helped fight for the freedom for all of America through countless wars, but where was all of America when we were fighting for our lives and equality through the centuries of oppression at the same times? Rhetorical question.

Honest Abe delivered and issued his historic Emancipation Proclamation speech in 1862-3, but it wasn’t until two years later when the American Civil War ended that his word was solidified across the developing united states, namely Texas, where a force of 2000 Union soldiers arrived to inform the technically non-slaves of their “freedom”.

Let’s look at the definition of Freedom:




  1. the quality or state of being free; the absence of necessity, coercion
  2. no constraint in choice or action, liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another


Think about your place in society, honestly and truthfully. The sad reality is that the world is not equal nor fair – some of us are still under a power that benefits from the oppression, while some of us are the ones that benefit from that same system. The healing will occur when everyone opens their eyes to the many inequalities that we, as a nation and world, face. Juneteenth is for everyone to celebrate, as it is part of the history of inclusion and diversity.

Question of the night and a point of reflection before bed…

If you could give up one thing today and walk away from it completely free, what would it be? 

Leave any answers below, or message me on my contact page!



Captured by Real Shots Photography (@realshotsphotography)

For More: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVin53MDnnB/?taken-by=thesamarahpoe​






2 thoughts on “J U N E T E E N T H: Freedom?

  1. If I could give up one thing today and walk away from it completely free, it would be fear and or self doubt, it would be my mind. Freedom isn’t your location, it isn’t the materialistic things you possess it’s, having a mind that’s clear.. a free state of mind?

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