la victoire du tignon

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Paying homage to the Afro-Creole women who turned a law of disgusting racial bias and oppression into one of beauty, empowerment, and fashion. Happy International Women’s Month!

In 1786 Louisiana, men were allowed not just one wife, but also many open mistresses. In the battle to be the best side snack, many women would put an air of extravagance and exoticism into their appearance in order to stand out, be deemed more beautiful, and thus more often chosen and vied for. It comes no surprise that black women showed up and showed out with their flair for accessory and love for adornment. Woven through their hair were beads, beautiful jewels, and to top it off, intricate styles that only kinky-coily hair could create.

Enter the Green-Eyed Monster.

Due to the amount of attention these black women garnered, the Tignon Laws were created and put into effect. The purpose of these laws were to ban black women and other women of color from wearing their hair out and essentially stealing all of the men’s attention from other mistresses.

And of course, this backfired completely.

These women not only completely adhered to the rules, but they changed the game while doing so, and happened to make things even worse for those who tried to oppress them in the first place. Below are a few beautiful images that showcase the beauty and power in the wraps these women chose to create. They made these from simple fabrics, repurposed materials, “thrifted” hats and scarves and made it their own.



Маковский_Араб_в_чалме  dcaufgiuwaqhwfp.jpg

I Know That’s Right, Sis.

Okay, smize. Casual shoulder action.







So beautiful and powerful. Do you notice any similarities to women today?



Sunday Best

As you can see, these laws were an act of oppression that added that much more style and flair into the culture behind black women and their hair, styles, protective styling, and fashion – not that we weren’t already incorporating wraps into our styles.

Now by now, y’all should know that I LOVE me some head wraps, so below is a piece I created to show some love.

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headwrap blend.jpg


In Love & Wraps,

Marah xo